We are dedicated to making the world a better place,
and we strongly believe that blockchain is the path towards the future.


Every transaction ever conducted on the blockchain can be traced and verified by anyone, via public distributed ledger.


Once on a blockchain, all records are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted.


All data that is transferred through the blockchain is shredded, encrypted, and distributed across the global network until it is needed.


Our team are specialists in developing Ethereum smart contracts and DApps (decentralized applications). We are well versed in developing Angular 4 web applications with Node.js backend that handles most of the business logics, resulting in a very fast, lightweight and robust combination.


Through Web3, our application stack leverages the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts which offers all participants consistent, shared and secure processes. The nature of the decentralized blockchain allows a completely trustless interaction between parties which removes third party costs and commissions.

Structured Data

To process certain mission-critical data whose structure is well known, private and confidential information can be stored and exchanged, especially data that requires guarantee that two or more updates either succeed or fail as an atomic unit. Through SQL server drivers such as OLEDB, structured data, such as client records and certain external data, will be stored in a secured MSSQL server or equivalent. It complements the blockchain network by providing fast access to these data.

Unstructured Data

Multiple levels of security, external authentication and strong usage profiling are included. Dynamic unstructured data will be stored on Firebase or equivalent via NoSQL driver. This is ideal for personalization, user profile management, big data, interacting with internet of things (IoT), etc.


By harnessing our expertise and technology,
we strive to implement mission-critical enterprise applications on the blockchain.

By utilizing our low-code and no-code development platform, Rintagi, we generate an unique program (“Smart Contract”) for each customer contract to be deployed at real-time on the blockchain via a configurable interface. By generating a new contract for each individual use case, each program is in its simplest form — no more if-then-else statements, everything can be specific and hard-coded.

Before, we had to make all programs flexible with no hard-coding; now, it is just the opposite; all hard-coding to make sure everything is in its simplest form and fully customized for one scenario, one situation, one event. The smart contract becomes a binding agreement between the participants — unambiguous, immutable and no arbitration required.

All the code is specifically catered for one fully customized event. Smaller programs lead to lower gas fees and faster transactions. Simplest is best.

FintruX Network innovates smart solutions for underserved startups and SMEs.
They aim to be the one-stop resource and solution provider for business growth and sustainability.

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