Whether you are starting up a new division to perform securitization, or wanting to automate your existing securitization process,
Securitization Master is ideal for you.

Professional and certified accountants find this system very easy to use and can perform all their securitization needs end-to-end. This securitization software scales so well that you can justify your costs instantly by the time saved. As your business grows, you can save more on personnel and administrative costs from not needing to hire more people.

Globalization has affected capital markets in many ways. It is important for capital markets firms to achieve high performance via increased margin and expanded market shares. Our solutions enable new products to be introduced to market quickly.

In addition, our Structured Finance Solution is so transparent that every number can be traced to its asset level. With its ability to keep all history and concentration tests, Securitization Master has become the trusted source for many funders. No wonder our funders did not suffer any loss during the last economic downturn near 2008.

There are more ways that this application can benefit your company. For more information please contact Robocoder Sales.

Securitization Master

Securitization Master can perform many complicated tasks such as:

  • ACG12 Financial Accounting
  • Lease registry and lease standby
  • Floor planning
  • Funding analysis
  • Warehouse facility financing
  • Tranche import and selection
  • Due diligence and asset management
  • Legal and document management
  • Cash flow management and servicing
  • Tranche analysis and reporting
  • Dashboard performance measure

"We were constantly amazed at the flexibility of the software and how changes that traditionally would take weeks of programming time could be done almost on-the-fly, real time. All in all, the experience has exceeded our expectations."

- Brian Rodd, President & CEO, Securcor -


Domain expert SustaiNet Software International Inc. partnered with Robocoder Corporation to develop StateTracker, a purpose-built Stakeholder Management Software solution for the exclusive global distribution by SustaiNet.

This application allows its users to assume many different roles with different permissions and connections, and everyone can plan, document, evaluate and record their many interactions and responsibilities. Plus, since it is available in the internet cloud as a B2C Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), every user can access it anytime they need to from any location. For more information, visit StakeTracker© Official Website.

There are numerous ways that the Stakeholder Management Software can benefit your company. In fact, this proven solution is currently serving significant market shares consisting of energy giants and mining companies to manage their consultation and communication. This product, now known as StakeTracker©, is sold globally and exclusively by SustaiNet Software International Inc.. In fact, StakeTracker© has contributed to SustaiNet winning the 2010 McMillan Revenue Growth Award from ACETECH. For more information on what this application can do for you, please contact SustaiNet.


You can use StakeTracker to perform many useful tasks, including:

  • Plan and coordinate
  • Distribute project
  • Automatically import data from any structured data source, such as spreadsheets or databases
  • Record information on individual stakeholders and stakeholder groups
  • Capture and store stakeholder communications
  • Document stakeholder viewpoints and concerns
  • Track issue resolutions and stakeholder commitments
  • Assign and monitor tasks and responsibilities
  • Generate mailing lists, consultation statistics, reports and much more...

"Their speedy responses to our many questions, and rapid support turnaround, really keeps our own ‘customer support’ flag flying very high indeed. The best part is that when I show our customers what their team has designed, they are unfailingly impressed."

- Howard Adam, President, SustaiNet Group of Companies -

ERP Solution


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Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Unlimited Users, Companies, Locations

Automation Beyond Expectation

1ERP is an enterprise resource planning software suite for mid-sized organizations. 1ERP focuses on mid-size, global, service-oriented firms. Nevertheless, it can be customized for specialized functionality for professionals, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and other industries.

1ERP offers applications for financial management, human resources management, multiple and international location sites (multi-lingual and multi-currency including cryptocurrencies), service management and supply chain management. These functionalities are particularly strong in service-oriented organizations. The system is known for being highly customizable; many changes can be performed instantly and it is easy to create industry-specific configurations to serve various vertical markets.

1ERP deploys on the Windows operating system and Microsoft SQL Server, and is developed in the .NET framework - all of which are core Microsoft platform technologies. This offers customers a tightly integrated stack from infrastructure to application. 1ERP can be deployed on-premises, in a private cloud or as a cloud service.


  • Expense Reporting
  • Benefits
  • Payroll


  • Point of Sales
  • Accounts Receivable


  • Inventory
  • General Ledger
  • Assets Depreciation
  • Time Tracking


  • Accounts Payable


  • Statements Reconciliation

"Thanks to Robocoder, our portfolio administration platform: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), integrates very well with all the reporting and compliance requirements and provides a seamless transition from origination and ongoing administration, and ultimately to a contract in our funded portfolios. It performs well, is easy to operate, and meets all our expectations."



Rintagi is the code-generation engine where everything began and the brain behind our applications. Reach your development potential with this low-code and now open-source application platform.

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  • Automation: build functional applications with few lines of code using drag-and-drop.

  • Universal: generate industry-standard code with mobile-first interfaces and massive scalability.

  • Flexibility: make deep changes on any level when Rintagi dismantles and rebuilds everything in seconds.

  • Rejuvenation: regenerate your applications in the latest technology and languages as easy as making changes anytime.

  • Comprehensive: develop with confidence accompanied by our extensive modules, guides, videos and our Discord community channel.