March 31, 2015

"Forever" software is no longer a myth, it is now reality

Robocoder's proven app platform - Rintagi™, has turned enterprise database applications it generated, some over ten years ago, into modern technology that can run like native app on mobile phones and tablets.

Vancouver, Canada — March 31, 2015.

Robocoder Corporation, a global software solution provider, has mostly pressed a button and transformed its database applications to a modern user experience running on the latest technology and architecture, without affecting the underlying business rules and functionality. "We call this upgrade process 'rejuvenation'," said Nelson Lin, President of Robocoder Corporation. "Today our clients and their customers can access their information easily via their favorite mobile devices and feel like native apps while running their web applications."

Upgrading legacy systems is both risky and expensive, in turn adversely affecting the profitability of IT investments. Whether it is building a custom app, replacing existing spreadsheets or legacy systems, Rintagi™ can achieve that in days and weeks instead of months. In addition, anti-aging Rintagi™ app platform provides ability to rejuvenate these applications with just a push of a button.

"The way this system is built is based on the fact that every small change will cause the entire module with hundreds of thousands of lines of codes being regenerated from scratch," explained Nelson. "Since it is building from scratch anyway, late change is essentially the same as early changes. Late change should be embraced, not avoided!"

This unique aspect presents a strong argument when it comes to using off-the-shelf systems that cannot be easily upgraded versus Rintagi™ generated application which is fully customizable on the fly as per the contemporary needs of the organization.

Robocoder has taken Securcor Financial Group’s and Pacific & Western Bank’s enterprise mission-critical applications to a new level by revamping them to include all new technologies such that there is ease in running application on mobile and tablets.

Apart from addressing needs of its clients, Robocoder is now open source on Rintagi™. By doing so, Robocoder aspires to harness collective intelligence of the IT community and let the world take advantage of Rintagi™ to develop next generation of database software or any industry solution. Rintagi™ has the same architecture as the applications it generates. Robocoder is open to suggestions and enhancements and in turn will play the role of gatekeeper to ensure the quality of the enhanced product and incorporate it in the future versions of Rintagi™.

"I highly advice anyone and everyone to use Rintagi™ to keep their solutions, whether home grown or off-the-shelf, forever young," said Nelson.

About Robocoder

Founded in 1999, Robocoder Corporation is a global provider of easy to use and intuitive B2B, B2C, and P2P database applications that last, including a DIY anti-aging code generation platform that also last.

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