September 23, 2011

Major Online Bank Goes Live with Robocoder's Securitization System

Vancouver, Canada - Pacific & Western Bank of Canada went live on 1st of September 2011 with Robocoder’s GSXchangeTM, the browser based securitization and warehouse financing software platform that has securitized billion of dollars of vehicle and equipment leasing assets.

Robocoder Corporation has announced that Pacific & Western Bank of Canada is in successful live operation with Robocoder’s GSXchangeTM, the browser based securitization and warehouse financing software platform.

The bank went live on 1st of September 2011 with Robocoder’s GSXchangeTM as a single solution for its bulk asset finance operations. GSXchangeTM embraces late-change-no-penalty™ in that it can be customized at anytime to satisfy the bank's clients' needs. In addition, it is also cost effective so you can warehouse and securitize tranches below one million dollar.

Thanks to built-in transparency and risk-reduction on GSXchangetm, it has earned the reputation, trust and confidence from funders in the structured finance industry, for the last eight years.

"The end product as we see it today, and in fact, as we have seen it for a number of years now, is, to the best of my knowledge, the best in the business." said Moe Danis, Vice President of Pacific & Western Bank.

This end-to-end automation removes most human errors and has built-in fraud prevention capabilities. All computations are bounded by transactions with absolute accuracy.

“Transparency is the key to restoring investor confidence and liquidity to the structured finance industry,” said Nelson Lin, President of Robocoder Corporation. “GSXchangetm simplifies and demystifies complex securitization processes. It is the equivalent of several expert securitization accountants working 24x7 for you. All numbers throughout the entire portfolio can be traced back to their source, right down to asset level details."

Unlike spreadsheet, this database solution has practically no limitation on your tranche size so you can process tens of thousands of assets all at once. In addition, all participants have access to their most current, historical, statistical and personalized reports at their fingertips. It is also multi-lingual and multi-currency.

Specifically due to the GSXchangetm, issuers have increased their funding opportunity, lowered their cost-of-fund, and funders are more comfortable in doing business with them. Funding process has been shortened to hours and days.

About Robocoder Corporation

Robocoder Corporation is a privately-held software company with its headquarters in Vancouver Canada. They are a leading provider of business process automation solutions using their patented and open source renewable .Net code generator, Rintagitm, that embraces late-change-no-penalty™.

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