January 28, 2010

New Software Connects Vehicle and Equipment Lessors with Alternative Funding Sources

Vancouver, Canada - Robocoder’s GSXchange™ has securitized over $3B of assets. The company is offering secure online listings and introduction for both funding sources and lessors free of charge.

Robocoder Corporation has announced the release of the 4th version of their award-winning structured finance software GSXchange as an online internet service. To facilitate the use of this software, they’re offering the use of their online listing and introduction services free of charge. This is done in the hope that the transparency and risk-reduction that GSXchange provides will help to restore confidence and liquidity to the structured finance industry.

“Transparency is the key to restoring investor confidence and liquidity to the structured finance industry,” said Nelson Lin, President of Robocoder Corporation. “GSXchange simplifies and demystifies complex securitization processes. The system is so intuitive that it can be learned within an hour via our online tutorials. All numbers throughout the entire portfolio can be traced back to their source, right down to asset level details. In addition, GSXchange® can expedite the alternative funding sources to begin funding in the vehicle and equipment leasing Industry.”

The GSXchange online services follow a simple three step process:
  • First, issuers submit short descriptions of their portfolios, which are posted on www.gsxchange.com along with a link to their company website
  • When an investor expresses interest, the issuer can import their portfolio details, which the investor can then select and analyze using GSXchange
  • Finally, the parties can use GSXchange to finalize and manage their completed tranche for a fixed fee
The GSXchange system enables the accumulation of assets and the selection, creation, analysis, due diligence, and management of new funding transactions. In addition, it facilitates the import and monitoring of funded portfolios using simple asset upload templates or directly from any legacy system. All subsequent changes in cash flow can be effectively managed via the same mechanism.

This end-to-end automation removes most human errors and has built-in fraud prevention capabilities. In addition, all participants have access to their most current information and personalized reports at their fingertips. GSXchange is unique among online services in that it can be tailored to fit your requirements at any time.

Since 2003, when GSXchange® received the Business Technology Solution Award from the Equipment Leasing Association, GSXchange® has been proven in the marketplace, as companies licensing the on-premises version have been using it to successfully fund and manage $3 billion of assets. Specifically due to the software, these clients have increased their funding sources, lowered their cost-of-fund, and made their investors more comfortable doing business with them.

About Robocoder Corporation

Robocoder Corporation is a privately-held software company with its headquarters in Vancouver Canada. They are a leading provider of business process automation solutions using their patented and proprietary robotic development software Rintagi.

For more information, visit www.robocoder.com or send e-mail to Robocoder Press, or call (888)662-8082.

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