January 20, 2009

In uncertain times, leverage the power of perfect source code to maintain your mission critical enterprise software applications … and save your money

Vancouver, Canada — Robocoder Corporation is proud to announce the full release of Rintagi®, which stands for Robot with Integrity and Agility, a web-based self-generating robot that handles mission critical complex tasks, gives organizations the opportunity to keep up with changing business needs, and eliminates bugs and errors because they are rare to begin with.

Rintagi starts by building a perfect piece of code, then goes on to build on itself by writing additional perfect pieces of code. In this way, it regenerates itself before generating code for its applications and customizes itself to ongoing developments. This revolutionary software solution has successfully been implemented by many companies, including enabling a start-up company to exceed one billion dollars in 2007. This year, a schedule A Canadian bank has incorporated Rintagi into one of its mission critical applications.

“With the current economic climate and the challenges many companies are facing, we felt it was important to make the Rintagi application widely available to allow companies the opportunity to leverage its perfected source code to maintain their mission critical enterprise software applications, while helping them realize significant cost savings,” said Nelson Lin, President & CEO of Robocoder Corporation.

“Companies involved in delivering products and services to customers are realizing that they need to constantly adapt to changing needs and requirements and instead of having to invest time, money and resources into revamping their enterprise software applications, they can, with the touch of a button, have Rintagi customize itself to their new needs,” added Lin.

Running on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and a Windows Vista Server 2008 platform, Rintagi is a patented technology designed to meet the full range of customers' B2B needs and serve businesses of all sizes, especially multi-national and multi-lingual companies. Free Rintagi and free ERP applications source code can be downloaded at http://www.robocoder.com. Robocoder Corporation is also offering the business and software development community the option of licensing the source code at a nominal price. Robocoder Corporation will provide software updates and technical support.

Rintagi has received notes of endorsement and strong references from customers who are satisfied with its immense capabilities. These references are available upon request.

About robocoder corporation

Robocoder Corporation is an award-winning software development company with proven state-of-the-art innovation in development methodology and applications. Applications developed by our patented software robot are easy to maintain and adapt to changing business requirements due to the continuous regeneration of fully tested and optimized codes.

Robocoder Corporation is a privately-held national software company with its head office in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Robocoder Corporation is building a global network of independent software vendors, value-added resellers and consulting partners.

For more information, visit www.robocoder.com or send e-mail to Robocoder Press, or call (888)662-8082 – 9 to 5 (Pacific Time).

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