February 20, 2007

Proven software robot is now available to developers

After years of successfully using the software robot in-house to develop and maintain mission-critical enterprise software applications for clients, robocoder corporation is proud to release this tool to the software development community.

Vancouver, Canada — February 20th, 2007.

robocoder corporation's software robot handles complex tasks, gives organizations the opportunity to keep up with changing business needs, and eliminates bugs and errors because they are rare to begin with. The robot is a web-based tool that can develop clean and tested code from well-structured requirement definitions.

robocoder corporation today announced that its software robot, RoboCoder, which has the ability to generate code for itself, is now launched with a free license for internal use by any qualified organization. This critical differentiating feature allows organizations the ability to adapt to rapidly changing business needs. RoboCoder also eliminates bugs and errors at the outset because it starts by building one perfect piece of code which it then builds on itself to write additional code.

Furthermore, this robot can be customized to meet the needs of individual IT departments of medium and medium-large organizations.

“We are confident that once a client starts using this robot to develop an enterprise software application, they will be easily convinced of the immense benefits that it brings to their organization,” said Nelson Lin, founder of robocoder corporation. “We are committed to providing the highest level of support to organizations that use this innovative development tool via a standard maintenance program.”

Standish Group estimates that up to two thirds of a project costs are spent on rework and maintenance. The competitive advantage of using the software robot is significantly reducing the time spent on these activities and ensuring documentation is always up-to-date.

“In support of this product launch, Robocoder Corporation is recruiting qualified sales people to implement a campaign focused on building a customer base,” said Gareth Jones, VP Sales and Marketing of robocoder corporation. “We expect to see tremendous uptake of the robot once developers see how easy it is to develop and deploy their first application.”

About Robocoder Corporation

robocoder corporation is an award-winning software development company with proven state-of-the-art innovation in development methodology and applicaitons. RoboCoder is the corporation’s unique automated software programming application – a software robot that enables software developers to customize and manage complex enterprise software applications. Applications developed by our patented software robot are easy to maintain and adapt to changing business requirements due to the continuous regeneration of fully tested and optimized codes.

Robocoder Corporation is a privately-held national software company with its head office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and a branch office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Its services are marketed globally through a direct sales force. robocoder corporation is building a global network of independent software vendors, value-added resellers and consulting partners.

For more information, visit www.robocoder.com or send e-mail to Robocoder Press, or call (888)662-8082 (Pacific Time).

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