May 10, 2005

Patented software robot self generates custom software code

Robocoder Corporation's software robot handles complex tasks, gives organizations the opportunity to keep up with changing business needs, and eliminates bugs and errors because they are rare to begin with

Vancouver, Canada — May 10th, 2005.

robocoder corporation today announced that it was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its proprietary software robot, RoboCoder® , which has the ability to generate code for itself. This critical differentiating feature allows mid-sized companies, the ability to adapt to changing business needs literally at the touch of a button. RoboCoder also eliminates bugs and errors at the outset because it starts by building one perfect piece of code which it then multiplies to write additional code.

The brainchild of Nelson Lin who spent over twenty years devising and perfecting the concept, RoboCoder allows companies currently using Microsoft, Linux, SQL and Sybase platforms the ability to customize and adapt their databases by using an almost error free code generator that can manage and handle complex tasks, and by rewriting code continuously, allows companies the ability to indefinitely keep abreast of technological advances. Existing code generators can only generate code within defined parameters and cannot be reused if a company’s needs change and are outside the scope of the code generator.

“I compare our software robot to the way in which the robots were created in the movie, I-Robot,” said Nelson Lin, founder of robocoder corporation. “The robot creates a perfect self and then replicates itself as needed, giving it the ability to handle highly complex tasks and significantly reduce and compress the time it takes for companies to adapt their databases to business, technique and technological changes.”

This technological advancement not only saves business to business companies hundreds of thousands of dollars that they would otherwise have spent getting the code generator to learn how to rewrite code each and every time their needs changed, it also saves them an almost equal amount on human hours in the process, all the while ensuring quality and consistency.

“A great and talented human programmer can write close to a thousand lines of code per day, which may or may not be perfect,” said Lin. “robocoder’s software robot has the capacity to write more than twenty thousand lines of code a day and does not need meal breaks or does not have to deal with exhaustion, emotion and other such human issues.”

Furthermore, in those rare cases when companies take the time and effort to reuse an existing code generator, there is no assurance that the outcome will meet their needs – something that companies painfully become aware of after they have invested their efforts in changing the database.

robocoder offers clients two main approaches – a customized offering that is created from scratch to meet a client’s needs or, in the near future, to offer robocoder’s software robot so that companies may build custom software applications themselves.

“Nelson and his team built us a database called SPARTAN through which we have seen our business grow 500 to 600 per cent in three years,” said Brian Rodd, President and CEO of Securcor Financial Group, a company involved in the customized structured financing products for mid-sized firms, where the systems required are highly complex and constantly changing and where time delays small errors can be very costly.

“They took the guess work out of this. Until we had our customized SPARTAN database, we didn’t realize what we could have.”

“Now, we have the ability to produce documents and reports at the touch of the button. Everything is 100 per cent accurate. They have taken away the margin of error and tasks that would normally have needed many hours to complete can now be accurately done in a matter of a few minutes.”

Another important client for Robocoder is National Leasing – One of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for ten consecutive years. This national leader in providing equipment financing for virtually every business sector, has seen its business become fully automated via robocoder’s software and has seen its efficiency ratio increase by 20 per cent.

“We work with clients whose business is in excess of 100 million dollars and if we took hours to process their transactions, they could send their business elsewhere,” said Nick Loggan, President and CEO of National Leasing. “Using robocoder’s software, we now have the fastest transaction processing capability in the industry and this has helped us increase our presence and our profile because we are nimble, flexible and adaptable to changing business needs.”

“The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was so impressed with the technological advances made by Nelson and his team, that RoboCoder’s patent was approved in a matter of nine months as opposed to the three to four years it would normally take to have it cleared,” said Kory D. Christensen, the patent lawyer working on the project.

While Nelson and his team offer clients follow through service that goes beyond the initial set-up and development of an enterprise application that meets their needs, the maintenance has proven to be remarkably low which is a testament to the success of the self generating software robot.

About robocoder corporation

Robocoder Corporation is an award-winning software development company with proven state-of-the-art innovation in development methodology and applications. RoboCoder is the corporation’s unique automated software programming application – a software robot that enables software developers to customize and manage complex enterprise software applications. Applications developed by our patented software robot are easy to maintain and adapt to changing business requirements due to the continuous regeneration of fully tested and optimized codes.

Robocoder Corporation is a privately-held national software company with its head office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and a branch office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Its services are marketed globally through a direct sales force. robocoder corporation is building a global network of independent software vendors, value-added resellers and consulting partners.

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